8th July 2013
Supper Table Blog

I am pleased to announce that the next supper club is on Saturday 10th August at 7.30pm. I am co-hosting with awesome Andy (a.k.a. the Pork Peddler), so you may notice a strong hint of pig in the menu…

Hope you like the menu as much as we do!  The marvellous hot weather we’ve been having has inspired us to create a rather American southern-style menu

  • Salmon ceviche with mango salsa
  • 12-hour smoked BBQ pulled pork with sweet potato wedges, BBQ bacon beans, green apple & chilli slaw and cornbread
  • Mississippi Mud Pie

As always, you will start the evening with canapés and a complimentary drink, and a chance to meet the other guests.  You will then sit down for a lovely three-course meal, followed by coffee and petit fours.  An evening of food and fun, all for £25.

Please email me (Clare) at malvernsupperclub@gmail.com to reserve your place. 

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