8th January 2014
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, and I wish you an excellent 2014. Mine is
looking good so far. As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, I am now
in Devon for the next five months, training at the Ashburton Chefs Academy & Cookery School. Unfortunately, that means that Supper Club
is on hold for a few months, but I will be back in July – hopefully
impressing you with my amazing new skills!

The Ashburton Chef’s Academy is very well regarded, and previous
students have gone onto work in Michelin star restaurants around the
country, so you should be expecting high things of me! The school also
places strong emphasis on food provenance – knowing where your food has
come from, how it was grown, respecting the seasons – so the course
includes day trips to a chicken farmer, butcher and Brixham fish markets
among other things. I’m only on day two, studying food hygiene and I
can’t wait to get started in the kitchen next week, learning all there
is to know about cooking.

The last Supper Club of 2013

This was held in November, with a record number of guests, both
newcomers and faithful regulars. I also received an excellent and
unusual gift – freshly laid eggs from a guest’s farm! We all had a
fantastic evening, so great I forgot to take any pictures on the night!
However, I did take these in advance…

Preparing mini meringues for petit-fours

Scumptious poached pears

To keep me occupied before starting the great culinary adventure,
I’ve also been making batches of Strawberry & Pimms jam (the secret
is to soak the fruit beforehand, so I’ve been told) and Whisky Marmalade
– I think people rather like this as a Christmas present.


Future Plans

I’m keeping an open mind about the future, who knows what the chef
course will bring, but my current plan is to continue the Supper Clubs
when I return in June, and also open a small catering business. There’s a
free dinner going for anyone who comes up with a new name for my
business! I have already done a few private dinner parties, as a result
of Supper Club, and hope to extend this side of things further. I was
asked to cater for a group at Christmas, and this was the dessert..

Caramelised clementine & pomegranate pavlova

I will keep you all posted about the course, my future plans, and when the next Supper Club will be.

Best wishes,


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