21st March 2016
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I spent this morning planning the menu for April 16th supper club, which I hope will leave your mouth watering…
  • Pearl barley risotto with asparagus, watercress & pecorino
  • Lamb rump, wild garlic pesto, crushed new potatoes, braised chicory
  • Toffee soufflé with banana & lime ice-cream

As always, the evening starts at 7.30 with an aperitif and nibbles. We serve a three-course meal followed by coffee and petits fours, all for £27.50. Come alone or with a group of friends, everyone is welcome. Please email me to book your place, half the seats have already gone!

We will have just entered the beginning of the short but sweet asparagus season, so I couldn’t resist including it on the menu. I will also be perusing the lanes and footpaths for wild garlic, which I have already spotted out and about. Now I just need a floppy hat and wicker basket to complete my foraging, fashionable look…

I have also made a start on the May menu, which will be totally vegetarian. I am always happy to cater for any dietary requirements, but I thought the veggies out there might like to know there is a supper club dedicated especially to you! I only have 5 spaces left for May, so please let me know if you would like to join us. I have signed up to #MeatFreeMay, a campaign run by Friends of the Earth to highlight the damage that over-farming of fish and meat causes to the environment and to our health. I’m not sure I could ever give up meat & fish completely, but there is growing evidence that we should be reducing the amount we eat.

A month of baking
I’ve had several requests this month for cakes and afternoon tea quotes, which gives me a great excuse to try out some new recipes. Naomi Devlin creates and teaches some wonderful gluten-free recipes, and has just released her first cookbook River Cottage Gluten Free. Her brownies are to die for, and I’ve been waiting for a valid reason (other than to stuff my face) to try out her latest suggestion of Rose & Orange Geranium brownies – my wish was granted this week by gluten-free guests at Dewsall Court! I’m not gluten-free personally, but these are some of the best brownies ever!

The preserving pan has also been busy, and my jam and chutney collection is now topped up. If you would like to buy some next time you are at supper club, don’t forget to bring a few pound coins along with you!

Upcoming dates

  • Saturday 16th April
  • Saturday 14th May – VEGETARIAN FEAST
  • Saturday 11th June
  • Saturday 9th July
Hope to see you all at an event soon.
Best wishes

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